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Hyperpigmentation, inflammation, laser sensitivity, and other skin issues in people with dark skin tones are more common. There are many misunderstandings about skin color. Therefore we aim to disseminate them all in one place to respond to all of the questions most commonly asked.

Before we talk about skin care for melanin-rich skin and how to have toxic-free skin,  it is better first to define melanin.

What is melanin, and how does it function?

Before we get into how melanin-rich skin may be adequately treated, it’s essential to understand what melanin is. Melanin is a body pigment that has the role of giving color to the skin. Eumelanin (brown pigment) and pheomelanin (purple pigment) are the two kinds of melanin (yellow pigment). Melanocytes produce melanin in the skin’s bottom layer. The melanocytes generate melanin, pack it into melanosomes, and then deliver it to the skin cells. Melanin serves as a protective agent as well as a pigment. When exposed to the sun, for example, melanin protects you from sunburn.

Does melanin have any advantages?

Besides delivering their beautiful color to individuals with darker skin tones, yes! Having increased amounts of melanin has many additional incredible benefits:

It provides considerable UV protection. This means that sun protection is better if you have darker skin, and sunburns are less likely. Melanin is also shown to be an antioxidant by scavenging reactive oxygen species caused by UV radiation damage. These ROS lead to oxidative stress, which causes severe cellular damage without preventive chemicals such as antioxidants.

Melanin is believed to protect our organs, particularly the liver and intestines.

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