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Let me say this now before going any further: for the first thirty-four years of my life, I never really put too much effort into my daily skincare routine. Often, I would use the same soap and lotion for my face as I did for my body until a co-worker asked me what my daily routine is because my face looks naturally radiant. That person could not believe it when I told her I did not have a daily beauty routine; she was particularly shocked that I used my body soap and lotion on my face. 

Amazingly, despite the lack of efforts I have put into my appearance, many people tend to be shocked when they find out I was in my early thirties, married with two handsome boys. I still must show my License to get a drink when I go out with my husband. Of course, I am sure being only 5’1” also plays a role in looking a decade younger. 

Again, I have never put too much emphasis on looking young. However, maintaining a healthy lifestyle has been an obsession of mine for the last nine years or so.

So, why am I telling you about my lack of obsession with my appearance? Well, we are living in a society that is obsessed with ageless beauty. The American Beauty Industry spends millions in ads every year to convince consumers the only way to be happy is to discover the fountain of youth. Of course, this campaign against aging has had so many latent consequences: it has led to a growing trend of body shaming, low self-esteem, and a sense of unworthiness.

Many Americans spend billions of dollars each year on skincare products from brands that promise they have found a new magic ingredient that will stop the aging process. Sadly, too many of us do not realize aging is a rite of passage that should be celebrated, not shunned.  

The beauty industry loves throwing out the word “anti-aging”; in turn, our society has become so self-conscious about their appearance. You even have people who find the word “aging” offensive. If the covid-19 pandemic has taught us anything, we should be grateful.  Be grateful to be alive and aging. 

At Aging Beautified, we want to educate, encourage, and empower individuals in their thirties and beyond to find their inner contentment during each milestone. Our obsession with ageless beauty is very stressful and detrimental to our skin health. We spend so much time trying to live up to society’s ideal of perfection instead of learning how to be fulfilled just the way we are. 

As consumers, you might never be satisfied with the products you buy until you find your inner contentment. If we could spend more time learning to accept and love ourselves, we would collectively feel and look our age or younger effortlessly. As the saying goes, age is nothing but a number. With age comes maturity and wisdom; so, why not embrace the inevitable.

We need to embrace a new outlook when it comes to aging.   We must change our attitude about aging. We ought to adopt self-care practices that promote self-fulfillment. Moreover, we must be grateful for the life experiences we acquire each year that we are alive.  

Should you choose to adopt a more positive attitude towards the aging process, you find yourself free at last.  As the saying goes, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder; you are as beautiful as you believe.  You do not need to empty your bank account to feel beautiful.  

If you are reading my blog, you might be ready to embark on the journey that we at Aging Beautified™ referred to as self-love, self-acceptance, and self-importance. There is no need for you to buy expensive skincare products filled with harmful chemicals to feel beautiful and look radiant.  Please know this: you are already beautiful. Of course, we need to nourish our skin to maintain its natural shininess and elasticity. Aging Beautified ™ will have everything you need for nourishing your already imperfect perfect skin.

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