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What Exactly is Sustainable Skincare?

What Exactly is Sustainable Skincare?

Aging Beautified is a sustainably conscious skincare brand. As the founder and CEO of Aging Beautified, the decision to do my part in the fight to protect the environment is inspired by my own childhood experience growing up in Haiti. Droughts, floods, and food shortages plague Haiti.

So, what does sustainable mean for Aging Beautified? The term “sustainable” is very vague. In the beauty industry, some brands practice sustainability by choosing carefully the source of the raw ingredients they use, the suppliers from which they purchase their ingredients, and the type of packaging they use for their finished products.

While some brands tend to opt for natural ingredients, other brands look for alternatives such as manmade ingredients that mimicked the natural ingredients. Those alternatives are known as petrochemical.

The confusion surrounding sustainability caused many brands to compromise their core values. Some of those brands made promises to their customers, but those promises are nothing but empty words. They are not selling what they promised in the first place.

One way we hope to maintain our transparency at Aging Beautified to list every ingredient we use in each product on our website.  Also, we will never attempt to replace natural ingredients in our formulas in favor of petrochemical ingredients.  It is my understanding that nature’s perfection cannot be replicated. Ingredients that are man-made must undergo some chemical changes which diminishing the ingredient’s potency.

The minimalist approach of Aging Beautified can be best summed up as using less processed ingredients to achieve our customers’ needs naturally. 

Every little change we make in our daily lives, no matter how insignificant it may seem to us, has the potential of having a tremendous impact over time. We have incorporated ethical practices from choosing our ingredients to the formulation and packaging of our products to reduce our carbon footprints in the ecological system.

We are very conscious of the fact the ingredients we use in our formulas such as oils, plants require the destruction of habitats, degradation of soils, and loss of biodiversity.  It is impossible to know which type of trade practices, if any, the people are who cutting down those trees or plants have adopted. To do our part, however, Aging Beautified will be donating various non-profit organizations including one Tree Planted that are committed to reforestation efforts in various parts of the world. 

As much as we want to protect the environment, we cannot control all the variables. That should not discourage us from doing our best to contribute to the effort of saving our planet. We must continue to ask questions and adopt good practices in our daily lives. The practice of being sustainable is a sprint, not a marathon. In an industry that tends to make a lot of empty promises, it is extremely important for us to maintain our integrity as we keep incorporating good practices that benefit the environment.

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