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Matcha green tea helps to neutralize free radicals in the skin epidermis and dermis layers. Meanwhile, the fatty acids in coconut oil can reduce inflammation and irritation. Additionally, matcha green tea contains a specific antioxidant known to help with skin conditions such as eczema. 

Although people are more likely to use coconut oil in cooking, it has become increasingly popular in skincare products because it can help heal damaged skin cells while protecting them from the environment.

Coconut oil has been used for centuries in different cultures to moisturize the skin. 

Coconut oil is an excellent moisturizer and does wonders for the skin, especially on sensitive areas such as the lips, cuticles or even sunburns. Coconut oil hydrates and soothes the skin, making it an excellent choice for sensitive skin areas such as the lips, cuticles, and hair masks. It can also be used as a moisturizer or in homemade beauty products.

Matcha green tea and coconut oil are synergistic, both being natural products that are safe for the skin. They work together to help boost collagen production, fade scars, heal cuts, and relieve sunburns.

One of the most well-known benefits is that it offers a healthier alternative to store-bought products with harsh chemicals found in many skin care products. Both matcha green tea and coconut oil have therapeutic properties that help reduce inflammation, irritation, and redness in the skin. 

Matcha Green Tea Bath Bombs are the newest trend in the spa industry.

They can provide health benefits like improving skin, increasing energy, and reducing stress. Matcha bath bombs are also known to improve your mood and make you more alert.

You can use matcha bath bombs for various purposes like before an event or a big work presentation to relax and calm yourself down.

How to Use Matcha Bath Bombs Properly

Matcha green tea Bath Bombs are a traditional Japanese product that continues to gain popularity in the Western world. With Matcha green tea Bath Bombs, you can enjoy a relaxing bath in the comfort of your home without having to leave. Here is how to use Matchas Bath Bombs properly:

– Fill your tub with warm water and add some bath salts (optional).

– Place one Matcha Bath Bomb in the tub and watch it fizz and release its scent.

– Let the bomb dissolve underwater for about 20 minutes before you get in

– Get out of the water when it starts cooling down

– Fill up your tub again (or add another Matcha Bath Bomb) and repeat until satisfied.


Educating oneself about the ingredients contained in their skincare products will have long-lasting health benefits. Transparency is the key to healthy living and making you more confident.

If you’d like some advice on how to improve your skin, please give us a follow, comment, and sign up to our mailing list.y

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