The Outer Beauty You Seek Can Only Be Achieved with Loving Yourself

The Outer Beauty You Seek Can Only Be Achieved with Loving Yourself

We are so focused on trying to live up to society’s unrealistic, unhealthy expectations, we never truly learn how to love ourselves. We have been encouraged by beauty magazines, movies, TV shows, commercials, the so-called royals, the rich, and the famous that being perfectly imperfect is not acceptable in our society. These deafening admonitions have adversely affected not only our well-being but also our self-worth. 

Our obsession with outer perfection makes us estranged from ourselves. Imagine how much happier we would all if we could treat ourselves with more compassion and forgiveness for living it up to what others expect of us.  We must seek to understand ourselves, what it is that makes us happy or unhappy. We must learn to prioritize self-care over self-incrimination. We must discover the power of self-love by accepting you just as you are. You are as beautiful as you proclaim to be. Self-care doesn’t have to be a daunting task. When you learn to love yourself, you will see beauty is not about having a perpetual twenty-year-old face; it is about caring for your mental health.

Beauty is self-love 

Beauty is self-love. One way you can practice-self is by adopting a daily routine.  A real and honest understanding of self-love will leave you with little time to have another negative thought about your physical appearance. If you find yourself disparaging the way you look, a new fine line that appeared on your face, or a dark circle that appeared under your eyes overnight, training yourself to see these changes are a blessing. Learn to treat yourself with compassion. Self-love can be a tedious process, but it is a must if inner peace and self-contentment are what you seek.

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