Our Movement

Join Our Beauty Bias Movement: 

In exploring the parallel beauty biases between men and women, we have learned that while black women spend $7 billion a year on beauty products, there are very few Black-owned beauty companies, besides our own, that are dedicated to creating professional beauty products specifically formulated for Black skin. That’s more than disturbing – it’s downright insulting. 

In addition, most clinical studies are done on Caucasian skin. Therefore, the benefits claimed could be quite different when applied to dark skin because of genetic and/or physiological factors. While some mainstream  beauty companies have taken notes of this, and have taken steps to remedy both their unconscious and subconscious biases by offering products targeting Black consumers, those very same products have had unintended physiological as well as mental affects on Black Consumers, especially Black women.  

Many of these products designed to address the needs of Black women continue to prey on their insecurities and body image issues. While there are endless skin lightening beauty products in the market, most of which are laced with cancer-causing, infertility inducing chemicals, you will never find a beauty product being sold as “skin blackening” for the “word black” is almost always synonymous with unattractiveness. 

Thus, the beauty industry, in many ways, continue to fail Black consumers, especially Black women by encouraging them to rate their attractiveness based Eurocentric beauty standards. 


We are a beauty company providing skincare products for Black women of all skin types. When you support us you will be supporting your sisters and brothers who have been overlooked when it comes to skincare. 

We are committed to providing you with the highest quality ingredients at affordable prices within 6 weeks after the campaign close. We want you to feel beautiful as you are without having to alter your skin integrity to fit into a skewed perception of what is or isn’t beauty.

Our Mission

Because Black women deserve better and should expect the highest quality products that truly work for their specific skin care needs, without exposing them to any harmful toxins, we believe Black women’s needs can truly be met by products formulated specifically for them by one of them. 

Beautélanin is a luxury line of chemical-free skincare designed exclusively for Black women.

Our mission is to empower and inspire Black women by creating a new standard in environmentally conscious skincare, products that we can all feel good about using.


Our Vision

To offer high-quality beauty products to the Black community that are safe and accessible, whilst also uplifting the African identity.